Not everyone is living the same life


The world is in a jumbled up confused mess.

Only families are next to each other. Some people haven’t left their house in days.

People could start walking around with pool sticks and others would think they are normal; they just want to make sure strangers are keeping a safe distance from them.

Schools are closed. Businesses are closed. The stock market is struggling. Restaurants are takeout only. But of course, news is doing great; they are not afraid of losing any time or needing to find any stories.

Coronavirus has crept into everyone’s life.

But not everyone deals with the strangeness and stresses of the world in the same way.

Some people are worrying about everything and are stockpiling toilet paper, food, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and other random items. This is the state many people were and still are in, so many that stores started making a limit to how much of an item people can buy.

Other people, although they probably understand the severity of the coronavirus, are thrilled to have days off. They are excited to sleep in every day and not have to work as hard.

Another group of people are ready to blow up their family members. They are so annoyed with them they are locking themselves in their room. And either because they are tired of being so close to their family members, or because they want more air, or maybe just to get some exercise, more people have started going on runs or walks.

People are getting bored. They are spending hours on their devices. They are sitting and doing nothing. They are turning to others to figure out what to do. Almost anyone I text to see how they are doing responds with ‘I’m bored.’

School is something people are missing. Even those in higher-level schools who usually dread school. They want their normal lives back.

Another group of people are ‘the deny-ers’. Those who, although they stay away from people, do not believe this is happening. They are sitting inside doing what they would normally do on the weekend like doing homework for a whole day. Reading. Struggling to do their workouts because it isn’t their routine to do it at their homes.

The deny-ers have their cousins. Those who don’t believe in the virus altogether. They are going outside, hanging out with their friends. Pretending it is summer.

Then there are those who are truly affected. The people struggling to breathe. Sitting in a hospital bed or sitting at home hating the evil virus that has taken over the world.

Those people’s friends and family members who have to worry about those people daily. Worry whether they will ever see those people again. And worry that they don’t go anywhere because they might have it too. Or they might at least be carriers.

Coronavirus has crept into everyone’s life.”

There are doctors and nurses, too. They are responsible for people’s lives. They are figuring out what to do with all of the people in their beds. They also have to be cautious that they aren’t getting sick themselves.

People aren’t the only ones affected. My dog is thrilled to have all of his family together again. He is excited to have so much extra attention. But, he is stressed. Whenever my mom leaves, he starts to whine and bark at anything, even the wind. He does not do this during normal circumstances. He occasionally barks at the wind but not every second. Maybe he is sad that he doesn’t have his space, but he is definitely confused.

No matter who or what it is, people are trying to figure out what to do with themselves and still trying to adjust. So if someone seems stressed or is acting differently, give them time and try to help them out. Be thankful for all that you have. Take this time off and think.