FHC Varsity Volleyball Sweeps Lowell in Key Match

FHC Varsity Volleyball Sweeps Lowell in Key Match

Kyle Peirce , Sports Reporter

In any sport, getting the lead early almost always equals success. FHC varsity volleyball ran out ahead with an early lead and cruised to a victory against conference foe the Lowell Red Arrows.

FHC (4-1 in conference) won in a road matchup versus Lowell that gave FHC the top spot in the conference. This dominant victory proved the Rangers strength on the court this season.

In the first set, FHC and Lowell started off with numerous long rallies. FHC got out to an early lead. Senior Bri Tilton was on her game all night long.  Mid-way through the match, she made a tricky dump play right into the corner on Lowell’s side to make it 10-6. Later on in the set, Bri followed it up with a perfect set to junior Mackenzie McDonald who finished the play with ease. The Rangers would go on to win the first set 25-16 without too much trouble.

The connection that Bri and Mackenzie had was key to FHC’s victory against Lowell.

“We’ve been working on it the whole season,” Mackenzie said. “We’ve been working on getting our sets right, and it just really worked tonight.”

The second set started with FHC jumping on Lowell, taking an 8-1 advantage. Lowell was having trouble hitting past FHC’s length, as well as stopping the speed of the FHC attack. With plenty of blocks from the FHC front line the lead grew to 18-5. The Rangers would go on to win the set 25-13.  The Rangers were now up two sets to zero.

Head coach Lauren Heinz was happy with the start that FHC had in the opening two sets.

“We were just playing well,” Heinz said. “We were doing things we knew how to do. Things were going right for us tonight.”

Bri, once again, was a key to success in the second set with her passing ability.

“Instead of only setting our power hitters, we set our middles and sides more,” Bri said. “This was a big key to success in tonight’s game.”

Bri didn’t get a chance to take plays off Thursday night, as she did not come out once in the game.  She was a key component to FHC’s victory.

“The adrenaline keeps me going,” Bri said. “It makes me finish the set.”

Heinz seemed to be very satisfied with how Bri played today.

“[Bri] did great,” Heinz said. “Her setting was phenomenal, and she was pushing the ball out to the pins with consistent setting. Quick tempo makes it a lot easier for our hitters.”

The third set proved to be the most entertaining of the night. FHC and Lowell traded several points back and forth. After all was said and done, the Rangers ended up with a win and a 3-0 sweep of the Red Arrows.

FHC now looks on to their next match on Tuesday against an unfamiliar foe, Ottawa Hills.

“We’ve never played them before,” Mackenzie said. “We hope to come out with a big win.”