A blessing within a curse

A blessing within a curse

History class has never been my forte. 

I’ve always labeled the class as unimportant because of my doubts in regard to the way it seems to withhold information that is necessary. I’ve always questioned why it was a requirement to learn about the past when only the future lies ahead. However, when unprecedented times struck, my previously unalterable opinion was altered. 

March 12, 2020 was a day that will forever remain evident in my mind. It was when the unimaginable occurred, when disaster struck, when my sophomore year was completely and entirely changed for the worse. 

That Thursday morning I was sitting in my first hour U.S. History class questioning again why this information was relevant for us tenth graders. But when the announcement of Michigan’s school closings until April 6th—over three weeks away—was affirmed, I wished I hadn’t taken the time in my least favorite class for granted.

Years from now, future students around the world will tackle a history unit dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic. They will learn about these exact times we’re living through right now. They will learn the causes and effects of the virus, how worldwide living conditions have changed, how the quarantine was handled, and undeniably much more surrounding this topic. 

Future students may struggle with the process of learning about this time period, but for us, these bizarre times of 2020 will forever stick in our minds. 

I’ve always questioned why it was a requirement to learn about the past when only the future lies ahead.”

It is strange to think that my children will dedicate time to studying for an assessment about a time that I lived through. Though for me, this miraculous time period left an imprint in my mind of how much and how fast life had changed in early 2020. It seems simple for us, but it means so much more for our future.

The Coronavirus is a virus that has left many devastated, and it has given our world complete turbulence. Its purpose is unforgivable—leaving people without occupation and essential resources. The virus has completely battered living conditions and the way of life for not just America but the whole world. With high hopes of a nearing end, the goal, of course, is for Coronavirus to be forever exterminated. 

Yet, the fact that people are living through these unimaginable times is simply unforgettable. This memorable experience may not be positive, but it has given us our own personal history unit. The COVID-19 era is not one to be labeled as a nuisance but rather classified as a blessing in disguise.