My life in sports

Since the age of seven, the sounds of various pieces of sports equipment rolling and banging about could always be heard in the trunk of my car when traveling to whatever sporting event I was participating in at the time. Whether it be golf, tennis, soccer, swim, football, baseball, track, or wrestling, sports have always been a part of my life and will continue to be as long as I can keep up.

Contrary to popular opinion, I always found the practice and preparation for a sporting event to be more enjoyable than the real deal. I found value in doing specific drills, which had a direct positive impact on my performance. After discovering I could use the Internet to introduce more drills and diversify my training, my love for practice further increased.

Despite experimenting with a total of eight different sports throughout my life, wrestling was the only one that stuck, which was the best decision I could have made, and it is what I currently am involved in. When pondering my decision to choose wrestling as my main sport, it all makes perfect sense. Supporters of football, as well as other sports, all claim that their specific sport teaches “hard work” and “discipline.” While this is mostly true, wrestling is able to teach these values, as well as toughness, like no other sport can. I believe it was for this reason that I developed such a strong bond with wrestling.

Strenuous time in the weight room, on the track, or on the mat brings me an enormous amount of joy and excitement. One of the most satisfying things in life is seeing your hard work pay off. This idea is what made my connection with wrestling—and sports as a whole—so powerful.

Sports, if nothing else, have taught me that you can be successful and good at something: all it takes is hard work. In addition to the world of sports, this concept can be applied to careers as well. 

My life without sports would not be the same. They have taught me countless lessons that can be applied so often in life. With only one year of a team sport remaining, I intend on making every moment meaningful because nothing can prepare you for life better than an effective practice.

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