My life in sports

To say that sports have changed my life would be an understatement. My life has revolved around the sports world, and to have it all taken away is devastating. Growing up, I was involved in a wide variety of sports ranging from basketball, golf, lacrosse, tennis, football, swimming, and soccer. Every night of the week, I was at practice for one of these sports. My family’s weekends were spent traveling from game to game, rarely having time for a family dinner. Family time was spent on the couch watching our favorite teams play. Sundays were filled with watching NFL football and golf. This past week is usually one of my favorite times of the year with both The Masters and spring break. Instead of being stuck inside quarantined, I should be on the golf course and watching The Masters. It hurts to know that these enjoyable times have been taken away by COVID-19. However, we know they will be back. When the day comes where the sports community is revived, I believe that COVID-19 will put into perspective how grateful we really are for sports. 

This rough time has changed my perspective on different areas of my life. I feel much more grateful for the things I once took for granted. I never would have thought that my second year of high school golf would be canceled, let alone the fact that I will not finish my sophomore year in the building. I miss seeing my friends in the hallways and going out with them on the weekends. 

Sports have given me a great structure in my life. They motivate to be great both on and off the field. Every time that I compete in an event of any sort, lessons teach me skills that will help me throughout my life. Sports have expanded my life unlike I would have ever imagined when I first began. It has grown my brain and forced me to improve my problem-solving skills. To be successful, one has to think in a variety of ways. Sports have given me that opportunity, and I believe I have taken advantage of it. 

Writing this short column on a very broad topic, sports, has given me the ability to reflect on what is missing in my life right now. Finding ways to cope with it is difficult, but I am managing to get outside, stay active, and watch reruns of my favorite past events. Sports will return before we know it, but the hard part is staying sane until that day comes. 

To sports,

Please come back, we miss you.

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