Andrew Belsito

Name: Andrew Belsito

Job Title: Teacher

1. How difficult was the process of switching to remote learning for you?

“For my role, [it was] fairly smooth. My students have already been set up using an online platform through Michigan Virtual. The difficulty really comes in [when] learning time management or how to navigate their website for things like pacing, grades, materials, assignments, and where to submit work.”

2. How is remote learning different for online classes?

“Students have already been doing remote learning; they just don’t have the routine and structure of a school day or a workspace like the media center or classroom.”

3. Would you say that your lesson plans are set in stone or are they subject to change as quarantine continues?

“Set in stone. Students working on Michigan Virtual courses have most everything they need uploaded at the beginning of the semester. Even then, their current instructors haven’t changed much, if any, during the quarantine.”

4. How different are online classes from regular classes?

“[It] depends on the course. Some subjects are very similar to a regular course, but some a little more different.”

5. Is senior exemption applicable for online courses with all of the new abrupt changes?

“No. Because Michigan Virtual is a non-FHPS course, students still have to complete the minimum requirements to pass the class to receive credit.”

6. What are you hoping to see in the future when it comes to the progress of remote learning?

“I hope that it remains a supplemental option for students but not a required portion or huge percentage of their education.”

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