Rangers Roll Over the Huskies in the Rain

Rangers Roll Over the Huskies in the Rain

Peyton Fester, Sports Reporter

FHC varsity football knocked off its neighbor FHN, 25-0 on Friday night at Fifth Third Ballpark in intermittent rain that impacted nearly every possession. 

FHC’s offense started out on the right foot early when senior quarterback Tanner Hallock was able to complete a 16-yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Jack Uecker on the first drive of the game.

“We knew that they were going to stop our run pretty heavily,” Jack said. “Our passing game really helped us out.”

After that first drive, the rain caused both teams to rely on run plays throughout the second quarter and both defenses were prepared for it. FHC did have a chance to score right before the half but ended up turning the ball over on a fumble. That sent FHC and FHN into their locker rooms trying to decide whether the opponent was the rain or the opposing team.

FHC head coach, Tim Rogers talked about their simple strategy following the win.

“We knew that they were going to have to run the ball because of mother nature,” Rogers said. “It was too hard to throw the football.”

For FHN it might have been hard, but FHC opened the second half with another touchdown pass between the duo, Tanner and Jack. Tanner was able to hit Jack in full stride for a 40 yard touchdown. A faulty snap cost FHC the extra point keeping the score at 13-0.

Soon after, a big play that created some energy for FHC was when senior cornerback Nick Beaumier caused a fumble. 

“Defensively, I thought we did a great job as a unit,” Rogers said. “Our defensive line, I thought three of them especially, at the end of the game when they had to throw the ball, could not be blocked.”

In the fourth quarter, Tanner cashed in on a 1-yard touchdown run to give FHC a lead of 20-0. As the Rangers added points to the scoreboard, the gridiron started to become a mudbath as the infield dirt ruled about a quarter of the field. Junior wide receiver Bryce Clay talked about how they handled the conditions.

“Just staying focused, those balls are slippery,” Bryce said. “But if you’ve got the right mindset, [and] you’ve got a gun slinger like Tanner Hallock throwing the ball, anything’s possible.”

FHC added five more points after a safety and 44 yard field by junior Daniel Riser. A shutout on defense and shear power on offense improved FHC to 5-1 for the team’s best start in more than a decade . The Rangers now prepare for Lowell, one of the best teams in the state.

“We know that they’re going to come hard for us,” Jack said. “They think it’s going to be easy, but it’s not.”

The Red Arrows, who beat Cedar Springs on Friday, 27-8, are 6-0 and just qualified for the playoffs for the 18th consecutive year.

“Well, they run the ball really well,” Rogers said. “So we’re going to have to work on stopping the run game.”

This was no problem for FHC on Friday at Fifth Third Ballpark, but Lowell will be a tough matchup. However, everyone on the team has faith in pulling off an upset in Lowell, especially if they perform like Tanner said they did tonight.

“You do your one eleventh, good things will happen,” Tanner said. “Everyone did their one eleventh, and we were playing the full game as Rangers.”