See with your heart


Upon the stabbing sticks next to her

sat an unregistered face

that after calibrated efforts, she couldn’t erase.


At first unwanted

yet now welcomed,

the face grew a body without succumbing.


Caring hands sprouted

from arms that gifted hugs,

for the girl needed that secret drug.


One that gave dosages of happiness

acquired by forgiving friendships,

that through her hands, always slipped.


Her opinions were discarded

along with energy wasted,

and she was bitterly tasted.


Each rejection wrenched her soul,

her dolls were without companion,

leaving her with a growing canyon.


No child dared to hurdle

right over the glum gap

to release her from this isolating trap.


In that time of need, 

the arms seized her body,

to make her feel something other than shoddy.


Worlds away from her peers, across a canyon,

sat her and the stranger,

who kept her from her own inflected danger.


Days streamed by as she watched from the nest

and she no longer counted to the weekend,

for now she had an imperceptible friend.