Ted Talks from FHC sophomores

To conclude their study of public speaking every year, Ken George's Honors English 10 students deliver their famous Ted Talks. Preparing passionate speeches for weeks, the students traditionally present these Ted Talks in the lecture hall to the hundreds of students, and even teachers, packed in the small room. With nothing but adrenaline, and undoubtedly nerves, fueling these three to five minute speeches, every Honors English 10 student shares a piece of their heart, their soul, and their mind to their peers. In light of this year's unprecedented turn of events, a select few students will be sharing their hearts and souls virtually. The Central Trend will be this year's virtual stage for the students—tune in this week to hear some pretty amazing students deliver their Ted Talks.

Meggie Kennedy
Jessie Warren
Ella Fauson
Gideon Henry
Pierson VanGorp
Dominic Destefano
Lily Klaasen
Thomas Cobb
Sunny Xu
Sharanya Pastapur
Jack McNamara

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