You are no more, and she is the wind


I once thought of you as my world

The trees used to murmur secrets to me;
they dispensed their thoughts and emotions
Now, not even the trees desire to converse with me
The wind assists them in turning their backs on everything I have to say

You always reminded me of a tree,
the way you carry yourself as if you are taller than all the others

The ocean used to convey peace;
Its waves carried warm water to comfort me
Now, the skies have shifted to a pale grey
The wind helps the once soft waves turn malicious

You always reminded me of the ocean;
your once loving words turned hurtful the moment the wind appeared

The sunsets used to fill my world with color,
they added a soft filter of delight to my life
Now, the sun sits bitterly at the horizon
The wind shoves all the necessary clouds away

You always reminded me of sunsets,
you were once alluring, but now it hurts my eyes to glance at you

The waterfalls used to bring me resolution;
the escaping water added a sense of serenity to my bustling life
Now, the roar of water has turned murderous
The wind sprays your mist at harmful intervals

You always reminded me of waterfalls,
you couldn’t help but parade your brute force and hazard around

You called me your little rose, but
your tall attitude made the little rose feel small,
your malicious words made the little rose hate herself,
your blinding light made the little rose resent you,
your excess of water made the little rose drown in her emotions

I always thought of myself as a rose,
beautiful in a way but oppressed by your mass.

The wind always held a grudge against me
The cold disposition and convictions bit at the tips of my fingers
Now, my feelings remain the same
The wind is bitter and always will be.

She always reminded me of the wind;
She tread on my shadow to get what I had

For her sake, I hope she realizes just how ugly and hurtful the world is

And I hope you realize the world no longer means anything to me.