Senior Spotlight: Jordyn Carlson


Name: Jordyn Carlson 

Sport: Varsity Softball

How do you feel not getting to play in your senior season?  

 “I feel absolutely crushed. It pains me to know that I won’t be able to have my last game on the Ranger softball field and play alongside my teammates one more time.”

What is one thing you will miss most?

 “I’m going to miss a lot of things, but the thing I’ll miss the most is the amazing feeling you get after a big hit, the adrenaline you feel after you drop your bat and run.” 

What is one thing you would tell the underclassmen on the team to not take for granted? “Take every grounder, every batting practice, and every pop-up as serious as you can. Practice makes you better. Don’t take your practice time for granted. It’s important and will help you improve.”  

How has this sport impacted your high school experience? 

“It’s given me a group to belong to. If I had a frustrating day, I knew I could just get it all out at the field. Being a part of that team for so long gave me a sense of normalcy.”

What college will you be attending, and what do you plan on studying? 

“For the first two years of my college career, I’ll be attending GRCC to get my general education credits, the following two years I will spend at either Kuyper College or Cornerstone University. The plan right now is to study secondary education with a double minor in Biblical Studies and Spanish. This is the cheapest option for college and I still get to study what I’m passionate about.”

What is something you have learned through this sport? 

“I’ve learned to push through the pain. Push through both physical and mental pain. The muscle aches, the torn open knees, telling yourself that you lost the game for the team. I’ve learned to push beyond all of that and continue on.” 

What is one last thing you want to tell the Ranger community? 

“Be kind to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them or not, if you come from the same backgrounds or not, if you come from money or not, be kind. Kindness gets you further in life than anything else. And work hard to secure your future.”

How did you get involved with softball? 

“My mom put me in a YMCA league when I was very little and I naturally fell in love with it. I then started playing NELL with some of the girls I played with up until my senior year.”