Senior Spotlight: Caitlin Snyder


Zoe Lipke , Sports Reporter

Name: Caitlin Snyder

Sport: Varsity Softball

How do you feel not getting to play in your senior season?  

“I was heartbroken I wouldn’t get to play my last year of softball, but it also helped me think back to the amazing memories I do have.”

What is one thing you will miss most?

“One thing I’ll miss most is 6 am practices. It was early, but it always got my day started on a good note. I’ll definitely miss jamming out to music on our way to get coffee before school started.”

What is one thing you would tell the underclassmen on the team to not take for granted? 

“One thing I would tell the underclassmen is, remember that the game is about more than wins and losses. Cherish the memories you make, because you never know when your last game with be.”

How has this sport impacted your high school experience? 

“Softball has definitely made me a better student. Keeping my grades up and staying on track to be eligible was a good motivator, but it’s also taught me teamwork and confidence.”

What college will you be attending, and what do you plan on studying? 

“I’m going to be enrolling in the fire academy and hope to be a full-time firefighter. I picked this because I knew I wanted a job that made me excited to go to work every day, and I want to help people.”

What is something you have learned through this sport? 

Something I’ve learned through this sport is to not take everything so seriously. In my sophomore year I think I really realized the game was more than just a sport for me, my teammates and the memories are what I will cherish most over the wins.”

What is one last thing you want to tell the Ranger community? 

“One thing I want to tell the ranger community is, thank you. I’m thankful for the friends, coaches, teachers, and teammates I’ve had in my life.”

How did you get involved with softball? 

“I started softball when I was 4, playing for the YMCA youth softball.”