Senior Spotlight: Maizey Szczepanek


Zoe Lipke , Sports Reporter

Name: Maizey Szczepanek

Sport: Varsity Softball

How do you feel not getting to play in your senior season?

“It’s very strange not being able to go out on the field every day I feel very out of my element and I’m extremely disappointed to not be able to play for our new coach who has been nothing but phenomenal since she’s been hired.”

What is one thing you will miss most?

“I’m going to miss the times before and after practices just hanging out with all of my teammates.”

What is one thing you would tell the underclassmen on the team to not take for granted?

“Don’t take for granted the people who’ve you’ve been playing with for all these years because when the next season rolls around or the next time you go to pick up your glove and your normal throwing partner isn’t there the game will change for you forever.”

How has this sport impacted your high school experience? 

“Coming into highs school  and being able to play with some of the girls who I had started my softball career with again was the best experience of my life and I’ve made connections and memories with girls that I’ll never forget.” 

What college will you be attending, and what do you plan on studying? Why did you pick this?

“I will be going to community college and I have not decided what I will be studying yet.”

What is something you have learned through this sport?

“I’ve learned that even when I’m in pain and breaking down and feel like I can’t do anything to get better or I’m just not good that I can always come through by working hard and applying myself to achieve a goal.” 

What is one last thing you want to tell the Ranger community?

“Thank you for the endless support in everything throughout high school.”

How did you get involved with softball? 

“When I was about three my dad would always toss balls of socks and soft things at me so I could learn to catch, that turned into wiffleball as I got older and then in second grade my parents signed me up to play for my first real softball team and ever since then it’s been the one thing in my life that always brings me peace and happiness.”