The highlight of my day


I’m stuck thinking “Where’s my next class?” “Who am I going to sit by?” “How much homework do I think I’ll have by the end of the day?” Walking through the halls on the first day of school is always nerve-wracking, and I can never seem to quiet my mind on the first day back.

This year was different, though. Sure I was still wondering all the same things, but new questions came to mind. This year is so different than all the other school years because of COVID-19, and I can say I’m not the only one whose mind was swimming with questions. 

I kept thinking to myself, “You just have to get to sixth hour.” My favorite class, The Central Trend, has been the highlight of my school day both freshman and now sophomore year. All summer long I had been looking forward to stepping back into that room and seeing all of my friends again.

Compared to last year, there are fewer people in our classroom because of the school’s decision to divide the number of students in half to keep us safe during this hard time. It felt weird not seeing all the familiar faces greeting me; I saw people that I knew, of course, but it wasn’t everyone.

Creating that sense of community in such a big high school.”

There are things I miss about last school year, but then there are also things I’m really looking forward to for this year in being a part of the staff. Fewer people in the classroom means I get to spend more time getting to know some of the people I might not have known super well last year. This is really important to me because I really want to get to know as many people as I can. My favorite part of The Central Trend is the community aspect that is created throughout the school year, and getting to know more people means more community is built.

I also quickly realized at the beginning of the year how hard it’s going to be interviewing people for features or profiles, but our amazing Editors in Chief came up with a list of ways we can still reach out to people. Along with community and getting to know people, I’ve also come to realize how easy it is to get caught up in stressing about stories being written and coming up with ideas. However, I’ve also come to realize how helpful and caring everyone is on staff; we are always there for each other. Our Editors in Chief are so kind and understanding with everything that goes on.

The Central Trend is the highlight of my day, and I love getting to know everyone around me, creating that sense of community in such a big high school. I really think that being a part of this class has changed my high school experience for the better, and I would encourage everyone to join our close community.

Later in the year when we begin to choose our electives, try something new and sign up for The Central Trend; it will be the highlight of your day.