Felly’s album Mariposa conveys a comforting feeling through short retro beachy tunes


The term “one size fits all” has been passed around verbally for years, creating a commonly used and heard phrase. This term is usually used when speaking in terms of clothing, but can never be used to express each individual’s musical palette. We are all snowflakes, meaning not one of us will be the same or take a liking to the same activities. Mariposa helps me drift into my comfort zone and allows me to immerse myself into the music and enjoy it. 

Mariposa by Felly helps listeners climb into and nest in a safe, colorful headspace; having both earbuds in can contribute to this out-of-space feeling. “Weak Hearts” is the opening song and submerges the album into a moody and retro tone. The depth and lyrics of the song reveal the main theme Felly is trying to convey in their album. Their retro tune conveys the existence of the following sounds in his music: beachy guitar vibes, trap rhythms, loud echoes, jazz influence, and lazy rhythms.

Their retro tune conveys the existence of the following sounds in his music: beachy guitar vibes, trap rhythms, loud echoes, jazz influence, and lazy rhythms. ”

Listeners are led throughout Felly’s mind with songs like “New Soul” and “Come Alive” which have more of a sunshine feeling to them, and they create a sense of rebirth in the album. His pattern of sandwiching in lyrics such as “I’m such a new soul, straight from the afterlife” puts more meaning into what he is trying to convey in the song. 

Personally, the songs that are my absolute vibe are “Heartstrings,” “Real D**n Shame,” “Come Alive,” and “Love and Fear.” These are my top songs because I resonate and feel for them; I know how being in that situation is. They have feel-good vibes, soft harmonic melodies, and a soothing tune which makes me feel as though I am sitting atop a cloud. As the songs play out, it is as if the listener can feel themselves ride on the musical waves of their tune, their body, and their meaning

“Heartstrings” strings out the beginning in a repeatedly catchy tune with its use of bouncy rhythms and a backbeat percussion drifting into the jazzy tune. “Tell me what you want babe, you know I’m a slave for you,” Felly sings, relating his infatuation and admiration for this person. “You playing on my love strings, it never did a thing for you…I get worried when your mood change, I shed all these tears for you.” These lyrics display Felly’s events with this certain person and how much he really fell for that person and their personality. 

Throughout the entirety of the album, the themes of the songs are about an urge and yearning for something or someone, heartbreak, or uncovering and highlighting forgotten truths in life. Every artist has their own song language, as in how they set up and convey the message in it, their own touch of creativity. Felly’s song language is pulling and creating deep meaning through shorter songs. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this album because of the beachy feels, cool vibes, comforting rhythms, and just the fact that it’s a different sound.