The meaning of music flows its way into Josh Treichel’s life


Junior Josh Treichel keeps music close to who he is; he doesn’t like to associate it with detoxification and therapy—the way many start to develop a passion for music—and instead treasures the meaningful appearance of music early in Josh’s life like a teddy bear is a lifelong token of everything that childhood encompasses. When he has time to relax, his hobbies align with this childhood treasure as he finds himself falling into music like notes falling onto a music staff.

In a way, Josh and music are best friends because of his innate draw toward all that music is. As if a person itself, it reached out and introduced itself to Josh at a very young age, capturing his attention and developing a fixation of music and its many different forms.

“Music has always been with me,” Josh said, “and I’ve always felt a connection to it since I could basically walk. [I love] the many ways it can be done and the many forms it can take but how it always stays the same in the end. My grandparents would always talk about how much they enjoyed music, and [they] got me started on how awesome it is.” 

These connection to music fills the majority of Josh’s time. While it is a crucial part of who he is, he finds room in his schedule to do more, especially more with his “partner in crime” and beloved pets. 

“I’ve got a pug named Indy,” Josh said. “We play Animal Crossing together. I also have a Boxer and a cat who mostly just [hangs out].” 

More of Josh’s smaller interests—ones he doesn’t necessarily explore pug in hand—include film and photography. The thought of making, creating, and manipulating digital art fascinates him, much like the various forms of music, and it’s a passion that allows him to just be him with no pressure to perform for others.

“No one really inspired me,” Josh said, elaborating on his art-based passions. “I have people that I look up to, but I [mostly] just do what I want to do and do what makes me feel happiest. I feel like people don’t do things for themselves anymore. They just do what everyone else does like a giant chain, and I feel like people forget what’s best for them.” 

It’s in this individuality and his philosophy of people doing something for themselves every once in a while that Josh has found himself, whether that be through his taste in music or experiments in film. These different forms of art allow him to break out of that “giant chain.”

Through these passions, he has found equally as individualistic friends who are just themselves as well. Whether they are skateboarding down the street or just listening to music, Josh feels as if they build on to each other, getting along perfectly.

“I feel like all my friends are different in our own ways,” Josh said, “and we all just happen to complement each other very well even if we are different.”

These friends, his love for music, and all the aspects of film and photography in which Josh dabbles make Grand Rapids, Michigan home for him; they all find a way to shape his everyday life and who he has become as a person, and he enjoys it all. This sense of community and general pride are his reasoning for staying here for the foreseeable future as all these crucial aspects of who he is now have set him on his current path.

Day by day, this path is unfolding for him. Whether it’s music playing in the background as he does homework or skateboarding with friends, all these hobbies and passions fuel him as he grows and continues down this path he is constantly making his own.