Improv Q&A: Kelsey Dantuma

Name: Kelsey Dantuma

Grade: 11th

1. How did you get into improv? Why did you decide to try out? 

“Funny story, I actually wasn’t even thinking of trying out. I was helping Mason with the can drive for FHC Theatre when Mrs. Demeester suggested I should. I wasn’t really sure, so I decided to go and watch the tryouts (which were happening the next day). When I got there, Ben literally handed a form to me and everyone said ‘get in the circle you’re trying out.'”

2. What is your favorite improv game? Give us an example.

“I really love ‘Debate.’ Basically, there are two people who are for and against a topic they don’t know about. There are people who mime said mystery topic that each of those people face, and they have to guess what they are for and against, solely based on what they are seeing. You can sort of think of it as charades.”

3. Tell me a story. 

“During team bonding, I got kidnapped: I was left in Ella Guikema’s front lawn with Russel’s garden gnome in my hands.”

4. What US landmark speaks to your soul?

“Central Park.”

5. What’s your Culver’s order?

“Medium Coke, large fry, and the original burger.”

6. What’s the best FHC bathroom?

“The art hallway bathroom. I need my privacy.”

7. Give us your best car salesman pitch for improv? 

“Come on down to improv central! Here we have every type of car imaginable (even those odd tiny ones). We have rectangles, triangles, and even circles! If you want it, we got it… no problem!”

**$5 General admission tickets available through Venmo (@FHCTheatre). Only 79 patrons permitted per performance; the ticket process will work on a first-come, first-served basis. When purchasing tickets through Venmo, the show time and number of tickets must be listed in the notes section. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are general seating, and audience members must bring their own chairs or blankets.**

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