Improv Q&A: Desiree Tuohy

Name: Desiree Tuohy

Grade: 11th

1. How did you get into improv? Why did you decide to try out? 

“I got into improv because I really enjoy doing theatre, and I thought why not try another branch of it!”

2. What is your favorite improv game? Give us an example.

I personally really enjoy Bachelor! It’s basically a game where you have three contestants, and they all have a quirk. The Bachelor has to guess what they are. One time, my quirk was [that] I was a party girl, and I did this really weird laugh, and it was so funny to see how the people off stage reacted.”

3. Tell me a story. 

“Sometimes during the passing period, when I walk up the staircase I fall down them because I miss a step.”

4. What US landmark speaks to your soul?

“I really liked the Lincoln Memorial. It was a very pretty and serene view.”

5. What’s your Culver’s order?

“Chicken strips and fries!”

6. What’s the best FHC bathroom?

“The art hall bathroom. It doesn’t smell weird, and not many people go there.”

7. Give us your best car salesman pitch for improv? 

“I’ve heard your life has been pretty boring recently… what’s up with that? Oh? You have had nothing entertaining to do? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you! Come to Improv At The Park! When you are there, we guarantee that you will laugh and have a blast with your friends!”

**$5 General admission tickets available through Venmo (@FHCTheatre). Only 79 patrons permitted per performance; the ticket process will work on a first-come, first-served basis. When purchasing tickets through Venmo, the show time and number of tickets must be listed in the notes section. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are general seating, and audience members must bring their own chairs or blankets.**

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