Boys varsity soccer is defeated by FHN in huge rivalry matchup


Boys varsity soccer is having a rough season, as they fall 1-6 on the regular season and 0-6 in the conference with their 7-2 loss to Forest Hills Northern. With only three seniors—Matthew Mahoney, Mason Corcoran, and Jaden Talley—this soccer team is very young. The team has some young talent, however, in sophomore Noah Gleason, who has majority of the goals on the season. The guys also have sophomores Andrew Novay and Omar Hadzimujic helping them out in the midfield. This matchup between the Huskies was overall not a terrible game, but some unfortunate mistakes led the Rangers to their demise.

The first half started very back and forth for both sides. The Huskies managed to punch in a few goals along with the Rangers, making it a very high scoring game for high school soccer. Although the final score was 7-2, the first half wasn’t completely out of control for FHC. Noah managed a breakaway against the young defensive front for FHN, and snuck the ball into the back of the net. In the second half, Omar had a penalty kick that put the Rangers on the board again. This was countered, however, as the Huskies had breakaway after breakaway through the Ranger midfield, forcing a few easy shots on net and sealing the game.

The Rangers need a change in order to bring more success to the final half of the season. Their next game is on Saturday, September 25 at home against Portage Northern.