Boys varsity soccer picks up another win with their 2-0 victory against Greenville


West Michigan boys soccer is filled with a plethora of talented teams, but also has the other side of teams that cannot compete. The Rangers of FHC, however, are looking like a potential underdog, as they win two straight games with their victory over Greenville. In this matchup, the Rangers managed two beautiful strikes to the Yellow Jacket’s zero, creating a final score of 2-0 in favor of Green and White.

The game started out well for FHC as they quickly got off to an offensive possession. Senior captain Matthew Mahoney vocally ordered the squad as they kept their heads about them, which led to a variety of positive outcomes. One of those came a little before the half from junior Sam Yeager, who scored a beautiful free kick into the top left corner of the goal to put the Rangers up 1-0. The rest of the half was a defensive lockdown which Greenville could not puncture, which led directly into halftime.

The second half was much like the first, as the Ranger midfield stood strong and created play after play for the Ranger striking force. At the helm was sophomore Noah Gleason, who started off the half with yet another goal that gave the Rangers the upper hand. This two point lead was held all the way up to the final whistle, and gave FHC another victory and a big Conference win.

This makes the Rangers 3-6 and 1-6 in the OK White as they head to face South Christian on Thursday, October 1.