Boys JV soccer handily taken down by South Christian 6-0

Mason Corcoran

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Boys JV soccer handily taken down by South Christian 6-0

Last night, the boys faced off against arguably the best team they will face all year: the undefeated South Christian Sailors. To start the game, the Rangers appeared to not be ready to play. The Sailors dominated the game from the start, creating countless opportunities on freshman goalie Kasey Dantuma. Even after some incredible saves by Kasey, the Sailors were still able to score a barrage of goals, ending the half up 4-0. 

To start the second half, the Rangers tried to start with damage control, fix their mistakes in the defense that happened in the first half, and then look to counter attack. Although the boys had a solid game plan coming into the second half, the Sailors were able to continue their domination. Even after a switch of goalies at halftime, the other freshman goalie Lance Childers did not fare much better as the final score ended up with the Sailors being victorious 6-0 over FHC. Overall, the boys came into the game seeming unprepared, and their next game is crucial to get back on track to end with a .500 record on the season.

Following this loss, the boys’ record falls to 4-5-1 in the season and 3-3-1 in their conference. Their next game is a challenging rematch against the East Grand Rapids Pioneers. This is the start of their end-of-the-season conference tournament, and the Rangers look to get some valuable rematches within this tournament.