Freshman volleyball wins two close sets against East Grand Rapids

Freshman volleyball wins two close sets against East Grand Rapids

On Tuesday, the girls Freshman Volleyball team took on a tough East Grand Rapids team. The girls were hoping to bounce back from their games on Saturday with a win. 

In the first set, you could tell the game was gonna be good as both teams came out with exceptional energy and focus. Right off the bat, freshmen Anna Thornburg and Elena Kavanaugh both came up with some great digs and serves, and continued this great play throughout the whole set. With the Pioneers matching the Rangers energy, the game was still close, and there was still no clear winner. Later in the set, the game was tight, and both teams were going back and forth. Although the Pioneers were playing very solid, the Ranger’s were playing even better. They ended up winning the first set by a close score of 26-24. 

The second set followed in the same pattern as the first, with both teams playing great; the game continued to stay close. The Pioneers had lots of great serves which threw the Rangers off a little bit, as they lost many of their points on serve returns. Although, when the girls were able to return the serve, it always ended up being their point. The game continued to battle out, and it was once again very close. The girls played very scrappy, and kept up their great communication during the end of the set, which helped them close it out and give them the 25-23 win.

“Our communication really won us the game,” freshman Kadence Roelfzema said after the win. 

The girls are now 8-2 on the season and play their next game on Thursday, October 7th against Northview.