Females struggle to be unique while school’s dress codes tell them to change


Validation is something I have always sought; all I want is to be enough for everyone around me even when I can’t be enough for myself. I used to dress and act for my peers that I saw on a daily basis, but suddenly I grew up, found myself, and moved past the little comments. 

I now dress and act for me, but ever since I have become my own individual, I am told to become a lesser version of myself. Just like all of my fellow high schoolers, we spend the majority of our time walking from one class to the next just trying to get the best GPA that we can, but even in the familiar atmosphere of high school, I find that I struggle to stay true to myself.

It’s noticeable that this year I have become the best version of myself and started dressing for me, but even then, school tells me to form to the collective. My wardrobe is filled with school-appropriate clothing, only because that’s what I shop for. When online shopping, I find the cutest tops or shorts, but the majority of the time they’re cropped. The Forest Hills school district tells young women to cover their bodies for it possesses a potential distraction. 

I agree that some clothing items can be deemed as inappropriate for the learning environment, and I agree there should be some rules. But every rule created against women’s choice of clothing chips away at her self confidence and individuality. At FHC, we supposedly celebrate who we are as individuals becoming young adults, but in the dark–what most people don’t see–is that we are forced to cover up.

What makes me unique if I can’t express myself?”

We are forced to cover up our bodies.

We are forced to cover up our bodies and our right of expression is stolen from us.

We are forced to cover up our bodies and our right of expression is stolen from us, but we are still told to celebrate who we are and what makes us unique.

What makes me unique if I can’t express myself? What makes me unique if we are collectively dressed the same because society tells us not to stand out? What makes me unique when the rules tell young women their bodies are a distraction?

How do you think that makes us women feel?

“Your body is a distraction for others; change for everyone else around you.” They want us to conform for everyone else; we can’t express ourselves with such heavy boundaries. There needs to be a change.

I can’t be unique if you’re constantly telling me to change.