Class president Q&As: Gabby Hendricks

Gabby Hendricks

Grade: 10

1. As a representative for your class, how are you voicing their opinions, and what are those opinions exactly?

“Personally, as one of the class student council representatives, I learn most opinions during classes or social activities when asking any sophomore what they want from this year. As far as the opinions can be voiced, however, COVID-19 restrictions have led to not much advancement. During student council zoom calls, I will include ideas from classmates on topics they have opinions on.”

2. How often are the student council meeting and what happens at these meetings?

As the school year is only just this week starting to flare into more consistent school days, we haven’t had an easy method for having [scheduled] student council meetings. Conversations are broad, ranging from how to keep traditions alive to how to make new ones during this adaptation period for our school. Voices are definitely displayed during the meetings, with ranges of ideas for keeping the school year fun during the pandemic. Stiles, of course, has to enforce boundaries and restrictions on the normal student council activities for the school–not only in respect to our districts, yet of the laws of Michigan in keeping our school safe. This being said, we try to abide by these rules while keeping high school fun.”

3.What are the concerns with trying to have a regular year full of traditions?

Concerns, of course, are just keeping everybody safe and, not just because of the Michigan laws, but keeping those with weaker immune systems safe and helping to keep the spread to a minimum in our school system. Most traditions are large gatherings to support class bonding, such as dances, assemblies, and parades. Student council is overcoming the challenges this school year by having virtual assemblies and including other new ideas, like drive-in movies and live football broadcasts [in order] to keep the best high school experience for especially the seniors this year.”

4. What’s the current plan and how is that subject to change? How frequently have past plans changed? Are there any old traditions/spirit activities that are still going as planned?

“At the time being, we are working with the district and FHC staff to find the boundaries of what we can and can not do regarding our replacement ideas for homecoming week. Plans are changing weekly for the student council, as during these times nothing is set in stone. Traditions are all changing slightly for FHC this year. We try our best to continue them virtual or socially distant if possible, but our compromise of getting rid of our school’s larger traditions include new options for students during the ‘homecoming week.’”

5.How have your roles changed over the break and how is the student council more/less important this year?

Student Council representative roles haven’t been affected much this year and the importance of the council can be seen to be either increasing or decreasing. As traditions are falling short this year, the Student Council doesn’t have the option to get involved in putting together the normal fun plans. This is, however, not including the extra effort needed from the student council this year in regards to pitching new ideas and being proactive and versatile in the 2020 school year to keep it fun for the students.”

6.Are there any new traditions coming along to supplement what we are missing out on?

“There are lots of new ideas that we are working on getting approved. There are not quite the same large gatherings and traditions of the last years, yet the experience of high school is what you make it and I honestly believe whatever fun ideas we can follow through with will be great because nothing is changing the dynamics and personalities of the students and how they interpret the school year, with or without the past traditions.”

7.How would you suggest members of Ranger Country stay spirited during these tough times?

“Members of Ranger Country should stay spirited through social media connections and stay in touch with classmates and FHC news. Our options such as homecoming week dress-up days, socially distant tug of war, powder puff, the Friday night homecoming drive-in movie, and even buying “The Shirt” all show support for each other in keeping ranger country united.”

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