Class President Q&As: Koyuki Buckhold

Koyuki Buckhold:

Grade: 12

1. As a representative for your class, how are you voicing their opinions and what are those opinions exactly?

“Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to hold a homecoming dance this year due to social distancing restrictions.”

2. How often is the student council meeting and what happens at these meetings?

“We typically hold meetings once a month throughout the year, but when we are busier, such as before and during homecoming, we hold them more regularly. For the most part, Stiles and Steensma will make a proposal and hear our ideas and we modify from there based on a mixture of our own initiatives and their visions.”

3. What are the concerns with trying to have a regular year full of traditions?

“There are a lot of traditions this year that we simply cannot do, which is unfortunate for everyone. We are discussing and trying to keep as many events as possible and modifying them to fit guidelines so we can do so.”

4. What’s the current plan and how is that subject to change? How frequently have past plans changed? Are there any old traditions/spirit activities that are still going as planned?

“We are hoping to hold a virtual assembly and instead of in-person lip-sync, we will be making videos.”

5. How have your roles changed over the break and how is the student council more/less important this year?

“Overall, the amount that we are responsible for planning I believe has decreased, but there is a lot more to consider when planning what we do have left.”

6. Are there any new traditions coming along to supplement what we are missing out on?
“Seniors are holding a drive-in movie this weekend.”

7.How would you suggest members of Ranger Country stay spirited during these tough times?

“Just continue to social distance responsibly in an effort to have as much of this school year as normal as possible.”

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