Taking off a mask is normal for some


The world in disarray:
one thing remains constant.


Although it still changes,
it is as steady as a heartbeat.


Crimson, royal orange, and bumblebee yellow—
change from their green mask—
like coming home.
They are relieved of the “nuisance.”


The loss of loved ones
and the fires raging across the west,
although are very important and should not be neglected,
other shades are appearing in our midst.


All around us—
the thing that happens every year
no matter the world of the surrounding man.


Trees balding in a world balding with it.
Quarantine hair that happens yearly.


All around us,
change is happening,
some necessary,
yet some evil.


The change that happens every year
allows the ecosystem to thrive.
Without it,
the trees would collapse under the weight of society and snow.


Without a constant change,
the world would be gone.