Homecoming Court Q&A’s: Eden Growney

1. What was your reaction when you heard your name called?

“I was flattered but very surprised. There are so many deserving people at our school for the opportunity, so I didn’t think it was likely for me to be on court.”

2. Why do you think you were nominated?

“I think, in a lot of my classes, I’m always interested in hearing about everyone else’s agendaslike if they are in band or theatre. I have made many friends [through] these people. I always try to be friends and engage with everyone in my classes.”

3. Who wasn’t nominated for court that you would choose?

“There are so many people that deserved it who would be perfect candidates on courtit’s so hard to choose. I think that Abigail Cool would be a great person to be on because she is so outgoing and always kind to everyone.”

4. Are you disheartened by the circumstances in which not all of the traditions are the same?

“Although it is very unfortunate that we cannot do all the same things court has done in previous years, I’m still grateful that our school is trying its best to make the homecoming court experience as normal as possible.”

5. What is the one tradition that you will miss the most?

“I will miss the homecoming parade the most this year because it is just an iconic tradition at FHC, and I grew up watching the court in convertibles.”

6. Which spirit day is your favorite?

“My favorite is always PJ day because I love having an excuse to wear pajamas to school.”

7. What has been the craziest outfit you have ever worn for a spirit day in all four years?

“Freshmen year, I wore a snowman onesie for PJ day.”

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