Homecoming Court Q&As: Sukhpreet Singh

1. What was your reaction when you heard your name called?

“I was sitting with the band, trying to stay warm, when [AP U.S. History teacher Steve] Labenz turned around and said my name. It was certainly an exciting moment, but I had yet to fully grasp the reality of it. I simply ran up to join the rest of the court without reacting much, but I was definitely smiling and filled with joy. I would not have thought I’d be on court in high school, but it warms my heart knowing there are people who see me as deserving of it. I’m honored to be on court!”

2. Why do you think you were nominated?

“I’m not sure as to the exact reasoning behind my nomination, but I would assume it’s related to my general presence within our school. I am involved in a variety of activities that I put a lot of effort into including band, Science Olympiad, and NHS. More importantly, I always make an effort to be outgoing and kind, in hopes of forming meaningful relationships with everyone.”

3. Who wasn’t nominated for court that you would choose?

“There are so many wonderful classmates of mine deserving of court that I wish it wasn’t just limited to ten of them. Our grade is filled with countless kind, intelligent, and athletic individuals that it’s difficult to narrow them down.”

4. Are you disheartened by the circumstances in which not all of the traditions are the same?

“The traditions are obviously not held in the same manner as they would be, but I am undoubtedly not disheartened by it. Having the ability to do anything for homecoming is a thought that wouldn’t have crossed my mind coming into this year. I am beyond grateful to all those who have put in the effort to make our senior homecoming as normal and memorable as possible. I am more than delighted about the traditions that we can hold, and I look forward to making the best of this year, not matter the circumstances.”

5. What is the one tradition that you will miss the most?

“I can’t choose just one tradition, because I will miss all of the traditions surrounding the band more than anything. Band has been special to me all four years of high school as I will always remember marching in the parade, playing and conducting a halftime show, and watching our drumline perform 5th quarter.”

6. Which spirit day is your favorite?

“I fancy the addition of meme day for this year’s spirit days. I’m looking forward to seeing the variety of memes and outfits that people will wear.”

7. What has been the craziest outfit you have ever worn for a spirit day in all four years?

“I’ve never worn anything crazy for a spirit day. However, for freshman year Halloween, I wore a combination of a green wig, monster horns, and alien eyes on my head. That is about the craziest thing I’ve worn at school.”

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