My addictions as colors


When I was younger, my mindset had thought addiction(s) was a negative happening in life. But, there were various paths and ways for me to avoid it as if it were poison. As my feeble and newborn mind grew, I had discovered that they were the inevitable truth I would run into. 

I defined addictions as the generic addictions adults warned me about, and they usually were perceived as damaging and dangerous. My enclosed mind had thought that all addictions are severely harmful and drastic. I had never learned of the various and different addictions until middle school. But as my understanding started to broaden and open up, addictions did not have to be set in a drastic negative view. The more realistic hidden ones are on the moderate side—an addiction to sugar, an addiction to video games, an addiction to a hobby, an addiction to writing. This finding changed my lens on how I viewed addiction and what it meant to me. 

My younger self convinced me not to end up with addictions in the future because it wouldn’t impact me positively. But, as time strode on, my addictions started showing themselves like blossoming flowers in spring. And just like those bright, soft, vibrant colored flowers, my addictions have colors too. The hues of tangerine, aqua, firefly, scarlet, and fuchsia brightly shone to inhabit the addiction that is apart of me.

My addiction to candy and sweets, but mainly candy, cover my palette in a fuchsia peony tone. 

My addiction to my phone, to the robot called technology, is a mint green hue in the color wheel. 

My addiction to seating myself at the wheel 24/7 displays in a sparkly golden tone, the color yellow, which has a definition of pure happiness 

My addiction to music comes in a sea-foam blue that floats around my head like a cloud and comes into my thoughts like a passive intruder.

My addiction to running or staying in shape welcomes itself in a dusty brown and green, representing the nature I run through. 

My addiction to running or staying in shape welcomes itself in a dusty brown and green, representing the nature I run through. ”

My addiction to becoming too attached to human beings comes in a scarlet package, violet, and royal blue, which can all be colors of bruises, which is physical pain because emotional distress can sometimes hit me as if it’s physical pain.

Amongst all these burdens, I’m still here and well, unlike what I would’ve thought when I had a virgin mindset.