Blue light glasses: a benefit or trend?

Blue light glasses: a benefit or trend?

Ever since our world has virtually turned upside down, I’ve come to notice that many online students have abruptly acquired glasses. 

However, they’re not just any pair of glasses.

Blue light glasses—despite knowing if they truly benefit or not—have become the new trend. Day in and day out, I see people with perfect eyesight rocking a pair of popular, fashionable glasses. 

In the midst of quarantine, I had never before stared at a computer screen for so long. I wasn’t adjusted to remote learning; I wasn’t used to gluing my eyes to a computer screen for hours on end. 

I, myself, had discovered headaches to be more prevalent when staring at a screen for a long period of time. Because of that, I purchased a pair. I thought to myself “even if they don’t work, at least I’ll look cute.” 

This triggered a new thought; do blue light glasses truly work or are they just for looks? 

Blue light is known as the light radiation a computer screen projects, but, have no worry, blue light glasses are supposed to protect eyesight, and, more specifically, prevent headaches. The materials incorporated into these magical glasses contain filtering and surface coats that block out the sensitivity from blue light emitted from a screen. 

Especially with online school becoming the new norm, these wizard-like pair of glasses have been a necessity for me.

It is scientifically proven that viewing a screen for a long period of time truly could damage your eyesight. Additionally, it strains your eyes. For example, reading a book in minor darkness causes your eyes to strain while attempting to carve out sentences in bad lighting conditions. It can leave your eyes achy and fatigued afterward. This is the same case for blue light; staring at a bright screen can burden your eyes and cause eye pain and headaches. 

I can stand behind this because prior to my possession of blue light glasses, I would have no choice but to take frequent breaks from schoolwork in order to relax my eyes. But now, with the life-changing purchase of these glasses, eye breaks are unnecessary, and this leads to productivity and a faster, better work ethic. 

Blue light glasses are indeed a trend but are even more so beneficial. 

A large number of people—including myself—have always found glasses to be cute and dainty, so when the idea of blue light glasses spread around, I was bound to purchase a pair. I didn’t put much thought as to whether they’d truly function or not, and, honestly, I just longed for a pair of glasses. But as that may be, to my surprise, my blue light glasses have blocked my headaches. And although I cannot sense it, they’re also protecting my eyesight from future harm. Especially with online school becoming the new norm, these wizard-like pair of glasses have been a necessity for me. 

So yes, blue light glasses may be one of the many new trends in 2020, but undoubtedly, these mythical pair of glasses will save your eyesight.