Linus in the sky with diamonds

Alone in the sequin sky,

beneath the expansive shadow of the moon,

all of my thoughts seem to fly

and free themselves from the horror that is ‘soon.’


Vibrations of vibrancy

spill out and expose the caverns in my chest,

and as my worries seem to flee,

I can finally lay my lonesome heart to rest.


I drink the constellations,

and I find satiation in the stratosphere.

Bereaved of conversations,

finally, of my body and soul, I can hear.


There are rubies in my voice,

which I scatter throughout the air—far from sight.

The people below rejoice,

for they too can now see all that was once bright.


Glittering gold and glitz fall, 

and they become sacred secrets on the ground.

Not too far, not at all,

the rubies could be yours, if for you they’re found.


My jewels, they sing below me,

emitting their melancholia in song;

though I cannot hear.

No longer mine, to the earth they now belong.