Little Bangkok provides local and satisfactory Thai dishes

Little Bangkok provides local and satisfactory Thai dishes

Reena Mathews, Junior Writer

Walking into Little Bangkok on Forest Hills Avenue, my stomach grumbled in anticipation for the Thai food. As I looked around, my eyes are immediately drawn to the bold, warm-toned, red and yellow walls. Before my stomach could loudly protest again, a smiling waitress greeted us and we were ushered to a table.

The food I had at Little Bangkok was outstanding. Shortly after ordering, my mother and I were each brought a tofu soup, on the house. Tofu soup was the soup of the day on Wednesday. During lunch hours on weekdays, Little Bangkok provides the soup of the day to all customers for free. The soup tasted like egg drop soup, but not just your ordinary take-out. It was not overly salty and had just a hint of spice, which I thoroughly appreciated. There was tofu, carrot, and bamboo shoot in the soup. I particularly liked the bamboo shoot, as it added a nice crunch to the dish.

About ten minutes later, our entrees, Kow Pad Fried Rice and Bangkok Noodles, were brought out. The fried rice was satisfactory. Personally I think it could’ve had a little more flavor- a little more sweetness, or a little more spice, but perhaps that problem would have been fixed if I had ordered the rice to be medium spice rather than mild. On the other hand, I chose medium spice for the noodles, and I had no complaints. It was just the right amount of sweet, salty, and spicy. There were onions in the dish, which added a burst of fresh sweetness in every bite.

The two dishes were both priced at $8.75, a fairly standard price for Thai food. Nonetheless, I would not have minded slightly larger portions, as I felt I received more food at other restaurants for similar prices.

I was also quite satisfied with the restaurant itself. It had a unique set up. As I said, the walls were red and yellow, which were interesting colors, but it “worked” for the restaurant. The chairs and tables were all black and appeared to be very clean. The service was decent; all the employees were fairly friendly. However, after receiving our food, we were never checked on by a waitress.  

All in all, I left Little Bangkok with my stomach very pleased and no longer complaining. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for some exceptional Asian food to satisfy their hunger. You’ll be sure to leave with a smile on your face and a very full stomach.