A disguised meaning to astrology and spirituality


I’m a sensitive water sign. My personality could be intuitive, compassionate, creative, and I am a hopeless romantic. Can you guess what my main sun sign is?

I’m a Pisces; my sign represents a fish. According to your birthday, you can delve into finding out what your Zodiac sign is. Your sign can interpret your personality, but it’s not always entirely correct. In this situation, this is where your moon and ascendant/rising signs come into the circle. My moon sign is Scorpio, and my ascendant is Gemini, and they are the cherry on top of the rest of my personality. No one entirely embodies their main sun sign, but it is seen as an outline of someone’s character or being.

My introduction to astrology came around when I had an obsession with rocks, minerals, and crystals. I purchased books to learn more about them. Eventually, I figured out how they are linked to astrology and spirituality–how there are purposes of different crystals and minerals. I think this is such a unique outlook to have on life and to be able to find meaning within the smallest or minor things.

With spirituality, crystals and minerals, and astrology, the worlds you can dive into and discover within yourself is astronomically astounding to me. There is some mystery to the accuracy of this hobby or practice, and the different branches of crystals and minerals and what they mean are endless. One component could be crystal healing, another could tie to magic, and another could weave into Witches and Wicca.

The uniqueness radiates from the various uses, practices, and beliefs tied to common everyday items. A crystal to a child might be beautiful and mesmerizing to stare at; a crystal to a Witch might be powerful and meaningful. A crystal to someone following the religion of spirituality might be a healing tool.

A crystal to a child might be beautiful and mesmerizing to stare at; a crystal to a Witch might be powerful and meaningful.”

The beautiful aspect of any of these purposes is the individuality expressed through simple objects. In a way, these objects are alive; astrology is alive, spirituality is alive, and crystals are alive.

I think astrology and spirituality are a hidden world. People tend to hide their faces because it isn’t considered a norm, or these practitioners are looked at in a negative light. The positive energy that exudes from these people or these practices is what this world should embody.