JV Soccer’s Offense Dominates in Big Win Over Cedar Springs

JV Soccers Offense Dominates in Big Win Over Cedar Springs

Jake Heilman, Sports Reporter

The Rangers came together and produced a 4-0 win against Cedar Springs to take home the conference title. Offensive domination was the key to the success for FHC tonight.

The Rangers had early attacks from numerous players in the first half. Shots by sophomores Ryan Collins and Michael Rowlader both sailed high.  These strikes almost gave the Rangers the lead at the midpoint of the first half.

The heat on Cedar Springs became more intense as the Rangers maintained the ball on the offensive side of the field for well over 80% of the first half. Another huge chance came for the Rangers off of a fantastic cross from Ryan. Sophomore Micah Gschwind missed wide of the goal due to a deflection.

The Rangers first goal of the night came on a laser from the top of the box for an upper ninety goal with just nine minutes left to play in the first half. The Rangers were not content with just a 1-0 lead at the half. They came out with adjustments, and their tweaks paid off.

“We switched our formation a little bit,” interim head coach Nick Bartlett said. “We pulled a defender out and put an extra body up top, so it allowed us to create some different chances. I was really happy with the way we came out and finished the game.”

The Rangers offensive attacks continued. Sophomore Reece Walli quickly put the Rangers ahead by two after punching in another goal. Micah and sophomore Aaron Engelmann both jumped in the act as well, giving the Rangers the final blow necessary to take out a conference opponent.

The difference of the matchup came due to the halftime adjustments by the Rangers.

“You kinda have to switch things up every once in awhile,” Bartlett said. “Sometimes you have to gamble, and today it really paid off.”

The Rangers finish their season with only two losses all year, finishing on a strong win to secure the OK conference title. There are high hopes already for the next season of soccer to come.

“I think we really need to get ready for next year and this upcoming season,” said sophomore Alec Norris who contributed a large amount of offensive power for the Rangers this season. “We really spread the field well and made them run a lot. I like how we shot the ball a lot more.”

Reece also has big expectations for the upcoming year of FHC soccer.

“We’re going to be state champs. I think we were the best JV soccer team in the nation.”