These are my obsessions


When I like something, I can’t just like it—I have to dive down deep and develop an obsession. 

It all started when I first read the novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was a small and impressionable fourth grader whose mother had been a huge Harry Potter fan when the books were coming out. I had already enjoyed reading, so when my mom finally let me read Harry Potter, I was ecstatic. 

Through the years, my love for Harry Potter only grew. I went to Harry Potter World, I had the Gryffindor uniform, I now own two wands and am hoping to acquire more.

In middle school, I decided to read Percy Jackson, starting my obsession with the Greek gods—I’m a child of Hades— and I fell in love with the character Leo Valdez. This was one of my first book crushes, but Draco Malfoy and Percy Jackson stole my heart first. Leo was amazing; he was such a cool character that I couldn’t help developing an admiration towards someone who, in reality, doesn’t exist. 

Then, I found superheroes. The show Supergirl by DC Comics initiated my obsession with heroes. I started watching four years ago, and I still get overjoyed when a new season comes out. I binge-watch the new seasons while sitting in a puddle of blankets, sipping on Coke, and eating a lot of chocolate. 

During quarantine, my family and I watched every Marvel movie there is, which then started my love for Spiderman. I watched Tom Holland’s Spiderman movies four times each, and any time a scene surfaced with him in it, I would suddenly become more interested than before. I don’t really know why I love Spiderman so much, but I can’t help it. 

Finally, Tik Tok made Harry Potter popular again—the hole I had finally dug myself out of was re-dug. At first, my Draco Malfoy crush was back better than ever, but then Fred Weasley stole my heart. Before I liked the Weasley twins, they were a comic relief, but I didn’t pay much attention. Yet thanks to my Draco-loving-friend, Fred Weasley is the hottest man alive in my eyes. I have balled my eyes out at some of the Tik Toks my friend sends me, and every time I think about his death scene, I can’t help but become depressed. I have made myself act as though his death never happened. 

It seems as though I have gone full circle. I started my fangirl life with Harry Potter, and it seems it will always find a way back to me.