Fresh and diverse girl-group, Boys World, is just starting to alter pop music by dropping their first single: Girlfriends


2020 has been the year for new and up-coming artists from all different genres of music.

And while most individual artists have found their way to fame in the years past or 2020 specifically, there is always room in the music industry for new, young artists. 

A group that has caught my eye has been the girl-group Boys World. While scrolling through my For You page on TikTok, I came across a video of five girls singing a cover to a song I have never seen before. 

The Tik Tok was made in February of 2020, and the girls quickly got a lot of recognition for their talented vocals, ability to harmonize so well together, and courageous fashion choices. The short, 15-second clip ended up getting well over two million likes, and it easily jump-started their careers.

Boys World had only been living together for a few months when the video was uploaded and most of their musical work was strictly behind the scenes. Around the time the TikTok was uploaded, the girl group started releasing covers of songs on their Youtube channel.

Each video got many views, but still, the girls hadn’t released any of their own work for months. It wasn’t until September 30 that the girls announced that they had a big surprise, and later that night, on a Youtube live stream, they said that their first-ever single, “Girlfriends,” was going to be dropped on the 23 of October.

While leading up to the release date, Boys World released a mini-series on Youtube called Girlfriends as a look into the girl group’s life for fans to watch. Numerous other videos were dropped throughout the month of October to get the girls’ loyal fans hyped up for their very own single. 

Everything they release from here on out will define girl-groups in the future.”

Finally, when it became October 23, the Youtube live stream of Boys World’s first single “Girlfriends” was released, and I was so excited. When I found out about them from that single TikTok, I knew they had something special and fresh and would only grow from thereon. As the timer counted down to the release of the song and music video, I knew this was going to be a big stepping stone for the girls.

The song itself was extremely upbeat and filled with positive messages. It was an uplifting song from the diverse girl group that highlighted girl power and friendship. The girls also were able to display each of their own vocals, styles, and attitudes to make the song even more of their own unique style. It is the perfect start to their career. 

The girls got a lot of positive feedback from fans with the music video receiving five-hundred sixteen views and seventy-six thousand likes, and the song on Spotify currently has 525,616 streams.

It’s obvious that the girl’s careers won’t be short-lived. All five of the girls work so hard to achieve their dreams, and they are nothing short of grateful for all of the support throughout their journey—although it has just started. 

Just recently, “Girlfriends” has aired on the radio numerous times, and it was obviously rewarding for the girls to hear their single playing for everyone to hear. Their work is open to the world now, and their careers have been opened to the music industry. Everything they release from here on out will define girl-groups in the future.

Boys World is going to alter the music we hear today by putting their own, positive spin on pop music.