Tori Kelly’s first ever Christmas album is bound to become a classic


In my perspective, it’s never too early for Christmas music. Considering Tori Kelly’s release of A Tori Kelly Christmas, as early as October 30th, she seems to believe the same.

2020 is in need of some new, original holiday classics, and thanks to the talented Kelly, we have received thirteen festive tunes that will accentuate this holiday season to its fullest extent.

She starts off with her own personal take of the iconic “Silent Night.” The original is extremely slow and mellow, but with Kelly’s flair she incorporates, her “Silent Night” is soothing yet upbeat and cheerful. She proudly utilizes her insane vocal cords to hit some to-die-for notes within the chorus. It is easily recognizable to hear her passion for both music and Christmas time in this first track. 

This song is one to play while sitting by the fire, sipping on savory hot cocoa, or one to play in the background or ending credits of a favorable Christmas movie. Kelly’s remake of “Silent Night” can’t be overplayed—it completely and utterly embodies the all-around Christmas spirit.

I strongly believe we will be hearing these soon-to-be Christmas classics on the radio for years, and Kelly will perhaps even become 2020’s Mariah Carey. ”

Quite a few of these songs on the album are remakes: “Sleigh Ride,” “Let It Snow,” “This Christmas,” and “Hallelujah.” They’re all familiar to her audience, but Kelly approaches them with a completely different angle and tone, making them more animated and chippy. For most of her other songs outside this album, she tends to do the same. She is known for a more positive genre of pop music; this is why “Gift That Keeps On Giving”—an original—stood out to me.

This next track discusses how actual wrapped presents mean nothing to Kelly. Instead, what matters to her is one’s love. 

“I love the bows and boxes, baby, all the pretty stockings, baby, yeah, don’t get me wrong, but your love is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Despite this song’s merry tune, the message Kelly is presenting is one that should not be overlooked when analyzed further; she is proving that true love means more than any amount of money. No matter how many gifts you receive, the true meaning of Christmas time revolves around love and happiness. Love is the best gift one could ask for. 

With all the unfortunate hate in the world, love is a constant. The holiday season has always had the demeanor of being joyful, but some rely on money to bring them that joy. Kelly is trying to spread the memo that love overpowers all. Whether it’s family, close friends, or a significant other, Christmas is dedicated to love and gratitude. 

“25th” is yet another unheard-of original she produced. This song focuses on love again but in a more subtle manner. 

“Oh, the place where we’re safe, from the cold, your embrace.”

These lyrics are accompanied by jingle bells ringing in the background, and they are emphasizing the fact that all someone needs for Christmas, is love. Also, she is saying that no matter how chilling the weather is outside during the winter, a hug from the ones you love overpowers the cold to bring an immediate sense of comfort and warmth. That’s the power of hugs. 

These two originals from A Tori Kelly Christmas happened to be the two songs that most stood out to me before I was even aware of their originality. Kelly’s talent and voice, I believe, was made for the Christmas season because of her ever so happy voice and her impressive notes. A Tori Kelly Christmas included some new and updated holiday music that our generation was in desperate need of. It combines a sense of longing, love, and joy—which I believe completely embodied the spirit of Christmas.

I strongly believe we will be hearing these soon-to-be Christmas classics on the radio for years, and Kelly will perhaps even become 2020’s Mariah Carey.