Alex Kaufmann pursues his passion of physical fitness


Despite the fact that junior Alex Kaufmann isn’t currently participating in a sport, he’s still focused on working out as much as possible.

“I started working out freshman year because of football, and it was mandatory,” Alex said. “After the first year I invested in my own [gym] equipment. Now that I’m a junior, I’ve been invested in [fitness] for three years. I don’t play football anymore, so it has evolved into staying in shape just to look good.”

Alex still enjoys the occasional pick up football game. Other than that, he doesn’t consider football a passion of his.

“I was considering playing next year,” Alex said. “But that all depends on if my working out translates to functional fitness. It would also be beneficial to be a little taller.”

Currently Alex is not involved in any sports, but he still exercises on a regular basis, whether it’s with his friends or just on his own.

“Recently I’ve been going to [my friend] Cole Feyen’s house to mooch off of his gym equipment,” Alex said.

Alex enjoys exercising with his friends, but at the same time he enjoys being on his own moving at his own pace. He has been preparing for the upcoming track season in order to make sure he’s in quintessential shape. 

“Recently I’ve been working on my legs to get faster,” Alex said. “I do it to stay in shape for track season, so I’ll have shredded quads.”

I do it to stay in shape for track season, so I’ll have shredded quads.”

— Alex Kaufmann

Another way he prepares for track season is frequently going on runs. Not long ago he found an app to make running a lot more enjoyable.

“Recently I’ve been using the app Zombies Run,” Alex said. “It makes it seem like you’re running through a zombie apocalypse.”

Alex is still finding fun ways to stay active. Other than his typical work out, he enjoys playing basketball with friends. 

“I hope to play 1v1 with [my friend] Evan Boucher, but my three pointers are trash,” Alex said. 

He may not be the best with rudimentary basketball skills, but he’s still polishing up his basics. 

“I can dribble between my hands, but dribbling with my left hand just feels wrong,” Alex said. “I’m scared that if I [dribble with both hands simultaneously] I’ll look like a [klutz].”

Even when Alex is indoors, he still finds a way to beguile while participating in somewhat laborious activities.

“I used to play wall ball in my room, until I destroyed a huge lego set that was on my dresser,” Alex said.

After undergoing that, he was a lot more prudent when playing indoors. Alex hopes to keep up his passion through the rest of his high school career.

“It’s more than something I have to do; it’s something I enjoy,” Alex said.