TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Linus Kaechele

Koyuki Buckhold – for always saying ‘love you’ before you hang up

Though I am the worst at answering your FaceTime calls, I hope you know that each time I hang up, I smile because I know I won’t have to wait long for the next time you call me. In all honesty, I smile every time I think of you. 

Koyuki, you are the most delicate and genius mixture of humor, fire, potential, and lovability. There is a whole section of my funny bone carved out for you and you alone, and I hope you know that I don’t tell you jokes because I think they’re funny; I tell you jokes so that I can make you laugh. I firmly believe that the emotions you bring out of me are emotions reserved for you and you alone. Our friendship is the epitome of every time I say ‘oh, god’ because every time we get within talking distance, I know it’s time to buckle up. Being your friend is a ride that I never want to end. For as long as you live, I hope you always remember that the world is yours to conquer. 

Mason Yarnell – for orbiting with me

Even though I’m still offended that you don’t remember meeting me in fifth grade, I’m thankful for the friendship we’ve created all these years later. We are on the same wavelength at any given moment, and the memories we made during the run of TBGS rival some of my favorite moments from Crucible, and that’s impressive. Skipping down the hallway, creating traditions, singing show tunes, filling water bottles, and mic-ing each other will forever be points in time that I hope never slip from my conscience. You are destined to make so many people laugh harder than they’ve laughed before, and I’m happy to have been one of those people along the way.

Sydney Kushak – for reuniting us

One of the biggest plot twists of 2020 has been the rekindling of my adoration for you, Sydney. What I mean by that is that I just never expected to ever be as close to you as I was when we were in Mr. Deboer’s class in seventh grade. I am so extremely grateful that we have reunited, though. You have given me 52 new reasons to appreciate you; from your radiant smile to your unique stance on grapes, you are someone who I look forward to seeing every day. I wasn’t too deeply phased by the switch to online, but realizing I wouldn’t be seeing you as much anymore really cut deep; I so desperately hope to return to in-person in order to eat lunch together with you again. Thank you for bringing back our friendship. I hope it stays this way. 

Sophie Young – for the sass, the shows, and everything in between

Sophie, as promised, here is your thank you because this list would be incomplete without you. Your kindness, goodwill, and straight-up greatness are so admirable, and it transforms every moment I spend with you. Had you not been so nice to me during the run of Brothers Grimm, my entire show week would’ve been unbearable. Your support made every rehearsal and show so much more entertaining and tolerable; without you, I don’t think I would have survived. Thank you for laughing through our mistakes with me and always being a friend onstage and off. It means more than you know. 

Eden Growney – for our week

I know I promised you a handwritten letter a long time ago. I promise it’s coming. Thank you for your patience. 

To get to the point, though… Eden, you make me feel so important. For the one afternoon we spent together in our meme outfits, I learned what the saying ‘the world is my oyster’ meant. You have an aura that surrounds you that is just captivating; being around you makes me want to stay in motion forever. You are simply enchanting. From Bradavia to Homecoming Court, I have treasured every second we’ve spent together. The wigs. The coffee. The abandoned greenhouse. The Lorde playing. All of it. Being your friend is having the knowledge that every second has the potential to become a memory. I am never too busy for coffee and catching up, and I mean it. 

Matthew Mahoney – for personal kicks

I’ll say it with my chest: the day in AP Lit when you tried to explain soccer rules to our little group was probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed during a lunch period before. For that, I’m forever grateful. From laughing at my unorthodox Spanish translating to talking about that one Penguins of Madagascar movie in Lit, you make every class way more fun than I ever could have imagined; you’ve given so many people so many reasons to laugh during a year with so little reasons to be happy. So, thank you for laughing at my jokes and making me laugh harder in return. You are just the definition of good company, and I’m grateful for getting to know you just a little better this year. I don’t know you all that well, but I do know that you’re worthy of a crown in my eyes. 

Mina Siebert – for being Mina freaking Siebert

Mina, I cannot tell you why, but for the longest time, I decided you were on a different level than the rest of humanity. You had a coolness to you; you’re the type of girl who you can just tell is interesting by first glance. You walk the walk, talk the talk, but most importantly, you mold the clay. 

Watching our friendship grow into what it has become will probably be the defining moment of the fall of my senior year. You let me talk when I needed to be heard, and you listen like no other. You are, in so many ways, the definition of a good friend. I can’t thank you enough for reaching out with an open hand. The way you walk through life is so admirable; again, I cannot tell you why, but you seem unshakeable. Being your friend makes me believe I’m unshakeable, too. From thrifting, to running, to clay-sculpting, to Sister Cathy, to every moment we spend together, you make life ethereal. Thank you for bringing me to your level. I love you always. 

Anika Garter – for these past four years

Anika, without you, high school would’ve been H-E-double-hockey-sticks. You have been by my side through every bad test, every unbearable class, and every laughing fit in the back of Algebra 2. Although we haven’t had many memories together outside of school, I’m anything but short of reasons to love you and every moment we’ve spent in each other’s presence. I’ve hit you with my car, eaten eraser shavings in front of you, painted pumpkins with you, and hallucinated pigs on the road at 6 AM on the way to APUSH review with you, and those are all memories I wouldn’t give up for the world. You are the wackiest, smartest, most hardworking, and loveliest person I know. From peanuts to dream team to nomophobia, thank you for providing me with some of the most euphoric moments I’ll ever experience. 

Meredith VanSkiver – for never putting me on your Instagram

Though that may seem backhanded, I cannot emphasize how sincere it is. Every time I think of you, I can’t help but perceive the idea that an outsider would in no way, shape, or form be able to look at us and understand the intertwining of our souls; our friendship is for us and us alone. I’ve grown to love you in a way that only you could be loved. You are so perfect to me, Meredith. From your cold reads of our chocolate poems to your ability to make a Yerba Mate something sacred, I’ll always admire you. From your perfect way of linking arms with me when we traipse through the doors of D&W Fresh Market to your beautiful laugh that always sounds like hearing a song for the first time, I’ll always cherish you. From your ability to make the stars fall when you sing to your never-ending stories, I’ll always love you. From my smile to yours, you will always be my Dith-Dith.

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