Why I cut my bangs


With a single snip, my whole face changed. My oval face was now framed with jaggedly cut pieces of hair. 

This wasn’t my first time cutting my own bangs, and it most likely won’t be my last. After the first brave cut, the gentle snip that solidified my urge to just cut my hair off, I had to go back and even all the hair. 

I only cut my bangs one other time: in the middle of summer when no one I knew would be seeing me for some time. But the idea to re-cut them soon manifested into my actual cutting of them.

My parents don’t really care what I do with my hair as long as I am aware of the consequences; however, they’ve never understood what drove me to recklessly chop off large quantities of my healthy, beautiful hair. 

I mourned the loss of my soft locks as I threw them in the trash, but as I stood up, I caught a flash of my reflection in the mirror, prompting a smile from me as I admired my work. 

I make choices that seem foolish or idiotic because I understand taking risks. The ideas you have now or the things you have always longed to do will stick with you over the years, but after you have to uphold a job, a family, and your appearance in the grown-up world, you will miss out on the chance to experiment with bangs, to get a small tattoo, or pierce your ears. 

You are only a teenager for 52,560 hours. Now is the time to do stupid things that you can laugh about, to stay up way too late, and have crazy adventures with your friends. 

In life, you’re going to get the chance to do things you’ll never do again. Sometimes fear can get in the way and make you blind to the amazing adventure you could have, or how taking that chance could lead to you smiling every time you look in the mirror. The possibility of embarrassment makes you scorn the opportunity, comparing yourself to others in your situation can make you re-evaluate the choice to do something, so many emotions can cause you to ignore the amazing opportunities you’re given.

I remind myself that I need to stop and think. I need to realize that my emotions can be tricky beasts that make me say no to something incredible. I need to take the leap and do the things I have always feared or secretly longed to do. If I say no the first time, the second time I have to make that decision, I am more likely to say no again. I keep that in mind when I face a seemingly large choice. 

You only live once, so live your life like it. Don’t let yourself get in the way of reaching your goals and living your dream life. You have the chance to make your whole life an adventure with twists you’d never expect.

You just have to live fearlessly.