The playbill in my room is a reminder of my happiness


Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I find myself listening to the dozens of Broadway playlists on my Spotify and finding clips of the musicals on Youtube. 

It was our eighth-grade choir trip that started this journey—we were planning to go see Hamilton in Chicago, Illinois. The three-hour bus ride was worth it in the end, and it changed my life for the better. 

Stepping off the stairs to the bus, I could see the CIBC theater right across the street. The ginormous Hamilton sign was lit up with bright lights. It’s something I’ll never forget: the rush of people waiting in long lines with their tickets in hand. Not even inside the theater yet, I could tell that I was going to be madly in love with the musical.  

I remember my hands shaking. I walked up the elegant staircase, with my ticket in hand, took my seat, and waited for the show to start. Suddenly, the music started playing, and my anxiety from school and friends instantly washed away. I felt like the only one in the theater watching the musical unfold. 

I could not take my eyes off the stage, and I was in awe. The whole time, I was amazed by the flawless singing and dancing. I couldn’t believe that I was here, watching the actors perform right in front of my eyes. 

Even though I was sitting in the back row, I could still see everything unfold. One moment that I will never forget was when the song “One Last Time” played. The actor belting the song echoed in the theater; it was a magical moment. 

After seeing this show, I started listening to Broadway soundtracks. Every single one of my Spotify playlists was filled with different Broadway shows. My new obsession, right after Hamilton, was Dear Evan Hansen: a musical that addresses the issues of depression and suicide and gave me a new perspective on life as a teenager. 

Every Broadway musical that I have watched has a special place in my heart. From seeing it live to the clips of the show on Youtube, every musical makes me feel a different way—the music makes everything better for me. When I’m having an unpleasant day, I always listen to Broadway. It’s my safe space, somewhere I can go and not feel stressed or worried. 

Without the eighth-grade Hamilton trip, I would have never experienced the world of Broadway. My life would probably be different than what it is now. 

I proudly hang my playbill on my wall, proving that I had experienced the one thing that makes me truly happy.