The words that built me

All quotes have various meanings.

I live my life through quotes, and I can say it has helped me grow as a person. 

Along the way, I have also been able to connect with many inspirational words and phrases on a personal level and use them as encouragement and guidance. 

Within these quotes, I have found bliss and tranquility.

“It’s okay if ‘progress’ looks different in this season.” – Morgan Harper Nichols.

In the crazy year of 2020, I have found myself perpetually looking at this one, constantly reminding myself that little progress is better than no progress. I look for errors in almost everything I do and expect perfection the first time through.

I look for errors in almost everything I do and expect perfection the first time through. ”

I am never entirely satisfied. 

However, the words that build up this quote have helped me tremendously. Any time I get frazzled or feel like I am not accomplishing anything, I say this quote to myself at least three to five times to help recollect my thoughts and understand that, even though it does not feel like I am making enough progress, I am. It is the sense of hope I get while reading this quote that assures me that everything will be okay. Knowing that this year has been unquestionably peculiar, I have easily faced more conflict than I have in the past. However, I never let that interfere with the little progress I make while growing as a person. I will continue to accept the fact that my progress is allowed to not only look different during times of adversity but also during times of normalcy as well.

“Never quit on a bad day.” – Nastia Liukin.

Sometimes, I need a break—I never quit. I always find a way to make peace in the chaos, knowing that there is always tomorrow to make another effort. By doing this, I have found that it is beneficial for my mental health to take my goals and tasks day-by-day. This helps me feel less rushed to get to the finish line. Although, when times get tough and I feel that quitting seems to be the only way out, I always remind myself that it is only a bad day, not a bad life; when I start to look at the bigger picture, I realize that how I feel at a certain moment is not how I will feel later on. What I have gained out of this quote is that being mature in a situation and not walking away when life gets hard can help you experience opportunities that you might have missed out on.

“Don’t fear change. You may lose something good, but you may also gain something great.” – Unknown 

I have always hated the thought of change. 

I have my daily routines and friends that have been by my side forever, along with traditions I have done my whole life. When I hear the word change, I quickly get bothered and panic.

Without a doubt, this past year has compelled me to make changes I did not want to make but did anyway. Although I did not gain something great from it, I did learn that change can happen at any time and that learning how to accept it can make things more uncomplicated later on. However, there have been situations where I have gained something better from losing something valuable at the time. Learning to know when to let go of people or situations that I think are helping me has helped my mental state of hopelessness change to elation.

I have realized for every good thing I have lost, I have always found something greater. For me, it is having an incredible life full of friends and family that always fill my days with everlasting laughter and appreciation.  

“One day you will look back & see that all along, you were blooming.” – Morgan Harper Nichols 

Out of all of the quotes I have stumbled across, this is my go-to. At times, I feel I struggle with realizing how much growth I have made throughout my life. Sometimes, I have this constant feeling that I never make any progress, and to this day, I still need to remind myself that I don’t need to accomplish anything huge to say that I am growing. I’ve learned that it is possible to learn out of the little lessons in life. 

Believe it or not, we grow every day. Whether it is learning something new in school, or learning through watching other people’s actions, I am always taking in new ideas and learning how to be the best version of myself I can be.

All along, I have been blooming.