Injured Athlete Series: Dallas Hopson

Sydney Kushak

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Morghan Tilton
January 26, 2021
Emily Johnson
January 14, 2021

Senior Dallas Hopson is a multi-sport athlete that has played both varsity football and basketball. During the preseason of his sophomore football season, he broke his collarbone but has since recovered from the injury. 

How did you injure yourself?

“[I did it] on July 12, 2018. We had a 7v7 football practice against EGR. One play, I ran a deep route toward the middle, and the ball was thrown somewhat far to the point where I had to dive. I dove for the ball and caught it, but I hit the ground hard. I felt a crack and had immediate pain in my upper left side, then [athletic trainer Dani Brodberg] told me I broke my collarbone.”

How did the recovery and rehab look?

“I didn’t do much for rehab except rest. I was extremely bored most of the time and did lots of gaming and TV watching.”

How was playing your next sport after the injury? 

“I was nervous coming into basketball season, but the injury didn’t affect me at all. Some days I woke up with a little pain, but for the most part, it was like [the injury] never happened.”

How did your next football season go post-recovery?

“I feel like football my junior season would have been a lot different if I had that extra year of football during sophomore year. I was very weak, which made me miss countless blocks, and overall I lacked confidence and experience. I played alright, but I think I could have done better if I played the JV season the year before.”

How did your teammates and coaches help you throughout your recovery?

“My teammates and coaches were always trying to cheer me up and encourage me. Coach Hallock came to my house the day of the incident. I was very happy to see him. The other coaches sent me texts to cheer me up and prepare for varsity next season.”