FHC Volleyball Defeats Lowell and Moves to First in The Conference

FHC Volleyball wins a huge match up against Lowell, giving them the number one spot in the conference

FHC Volleyball Defeats Lowell and Moves to First in The Conference

Joe Freihofer, Sports Reporter

In one of the biggest matches of the season, the Lady Rangers came up with a crucial victory to seal the deal as conference champions. This victory did not come easy. The Lowell Red Arrows forced the match to five sets, and it ended in an dominant fashion.

Despite struggling to completely hold the momentum throughout the night, the Lady Rangers got it done in the final set.  FHC took the match, winning 25-21 in the first set, 25-23 in the third, and 15-9 in the fifth. It was back and forth all night, but a late burst of kills and errors on Lowell’s side got the job done for the girls.

“It feels great [to get the victory],” head coach Lauren Heinz said. “That was the team that we really wanted to beat, so that we could secure that spot in first.”

Heinz acknowledged that they still have a game coming up against Ottawa Hills later in the week, but was satisfied with the way they played tonight.

“We just wanted to be as aggressive as possible,” Heinz said. “Don’t hand them free balls, so everything that we sent over should’ve been aggressive, plenty of communication, and high intensity.”

FHC tried to maintain an upbeat and fast-paced offensive attack throughout the night and utilized senior Reese Weslow and junior Kendall Gardener as much as possible. The duo had several kills against the Lowell opposition.

Reese was upbeat about the outlook on their next game.

“We beat [Ottawa Hills] in three last time,” Reese said.  “We are hoping to beat them once again on senior night.”

Kendall was also excited about how they played tonight and was feeling confident about the next match.

“It feels so good to get a win today,” Kendall said. “That was a tough match, but it was so much fun to continue to fight and come away with the win.”