This years’ winter fashion trends have my stamp of approval


In spite of the very few places we have the opportunity to attend this winter, fashion trends have not been minimized. With the change in weather, there has been a shift in style reflective of people’s true colors.

Who will bundle up and resort to PJs and sweats? Who will rise to the winter fashion occasion and embrace the new styles?

Puffer coats—especially neutral puffers—are a staple this winter. Puffer jackets are the perfect addition to several other trendy pieces this year, complementing flare pants, sweater vests, baggy jeans, and even skirts. The best websites I’ve found to purchase this must-have would be Boohoo, Missguided, Forever 21, The North Face, H&M, and Zara. The coats can also be thrifted off numerous sites such as Depop for a more affordable price. These jackets are warm and great for layering; they look good with almost every winter outfit. They come in a myriad of neutrals including a British tan, light khaki, navy, and a wide range of greens. I’m obsessed, the puffer coat is a winter essential for those in need of warm articles that don’t take away from the look overall.

Along with puffers, I’ve seen many wearing black chunky boots this season. Black chunky boots are way more versatile than people think. These pair with anything from a plaid wool skirt to a sheer babydoll dress. The juxtaposition of airy with the heaviness of the boot is what makes it fun. Most black chunky boots come with a bit of a price tag, but as an investment piece, they can go a long way. I’m very into these; these boots are very modern and moody, and I like the almost gloomy vibe they give with the look. 

The long teddy coat is so cozy that it can be thrown over sweats to go out in public, risking what my aunt likes to call the “pajamafication” of America.”

I admit that faux leather pants are a tad trendy. They probably won’t have much staying power, but they are fun to style. Depending on the shape, they look exceptional with sweaters, blazers, or a plain white oxford-style shirt. Also, depending on the shape, they pair well with kitten heels or low boots. The beauty of these is that they are available in a wide range of prices. Look to Express, Free People, Macy’s, H&M, and Mango for many shapes and prices.

Next up: matching jogger sets. They are the new hot thing and the ultimate mix between cute and comfy. Nobody’s complaining. These duo sets are sold the cutest in neutrals such as gray and white; however, I will say that I’ve seen adorable additions in pastels like pink or baby blue. The matching jogger-style sweatsuit is a quintessential addition to everyone’s closet. No one can go wrong with an outfit that feels as good as it looks.

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a new trend, however, turtlenecks, and more specifically the layering of turtlenecks with crewnecks, is appreciated this year. Again, in neutral tones, turtlenecks are layered with everything. I’ve most often seen turtlenecks layered under crewnecks, under sweater-vests, under babydoll dresses, and under puffers. However, more recently, I’ve seen influencer Emma Chamberlain wear my most favorite styling of the turtlenecks. Honestly, who is a more perfect fit to carry us through fashion trends? Emma layered a white turtleneck under a gray crewneck and finished her look with flared yoga pants, sunglasses, and a white headband; this look was just right. Turtlenecks come in copious styles: turtleneck sweaters, turtleneck bodysuits, cropped turtlenecks, etc. Worn to perfection on both boys and girls, the turtleneck has become an imperative basic.

I’ve also seen corduroy trousers come back. Brown or beige corduroy trousers are a more sophisticated, neutral alternative to jeans. I’ve found them as cheap as $29.99 at H&M. They are literally everywhere. They’re cute, they’re versatile, and they’re not a statement piece but rather a fun staple. 

And of course, because the fashion influencers didn’t love the short teddy coats enough, designers serve us the long teddy coats. But hey, we live in Michigan, so who else deserves the long teddy coat more? ASOS might have the best deal on them, but check out Nordstrom, Free People, and Zara. The long teddy coat is so cozy that it can be thrown over sweats to go out in public, risking what my aunt likes to call the “pajamafication” of America.

With all the craze this season and questions arising on how families will choose to safely and joyously spend their holidays, one thing stays timeless: the need and craving for an impeccable outfit. We might not be going anywhere this year, but neither is fashion. It’s not too late to add any clothes to your wish-list.