What I Love About Rainy Days


Susannah Bennett, Staff Writer

Whether you’re indoors waiting for the storm to pass or outside dancing in the rain, rainy days bring pure delight. Soaking in the crystal-clear raindrops and taking in the downpour always make my soul overjoyed. Every drop of rain brings more me bliss than the last. A rainy day can inspire many adventures, and these adventures come with a genuine feel of happiness.

At some point, every child has gone out on a drizzly day and splashed through giant puddles, giggling at the surprising amount of joy that comes from the simple action. As a kid, I was always fond of rainy days where my mom would let me put on my big-girl boots and venture out of the house. I would sprint up to puddles and happily stomp through as many as possible, delighted by the feeling of sloshing through little pools of water. Rainy days can hold many more wonders than just splashing through puddles.

Sometimes, storms are foreboding, instilling a slight amount of fear in me. Curling up in blankets by a welcoming fire extinguishes that fear; the double comfort from the cozy blankets and warm fire contrasts the ominous world outside. When I was younger, I would get scared by the storm; to combat that fear, I would envision myself as a courageous explorer who was waiting out a grim storm. Even now, I wrap myself in blankets to bravely wait out any bad storms, soothed by the idea that I am secure in my nest of blankets.

On the less terrifying days, running in the rain is a therapeutical option. When I run in the rain, I feel renewed with more power and strength than usual. Raindrops beat down on my face and my legs seemingly surge forward with a new energy. No physical or mental barriers hinder my ability to run, creating a feeling that is unusual yet so freeing. In the rain, I run smoothly and at ease with pure joy written on my face despite that fact that I am drenched from head to toe.

Without rainy days, my world would be so different. Although rainy days appear to be gloomy days, they are truly a blessing. With the various adventures and happy vibes, rainy days hold more wonders and excitement than any other day.