Russell Dickerson’s new song “Southern Symphony” portrays the faithfulness of the countryside

Around this time of year, it seems that not as many country artists make a deliverance of new songs, and if they do, it is easy to say the vibe is just not the same as it would be in the summer.

It is known that most country songs hold the reputation of three things: love, breakups, and bitterness. Songs that hold these emotions often come across as depressing and usually hold a sluggish melody, and I tend to like more upbeat and cheerful music.

In the past, I have noticed that a few country artists make the view of love or breakups more pessimistic than they should be and often imply that love is uncertain. I am one who listens to the lyrics more than the tempo, so when I hear a lyric I can relate with, it tends to make me feel uneasy– especially when it comes to heartbreak and loss. 

While searching for upbeat country songs that weren’t about this heartbreak, I stumbled across country singer Russell Dickerson’s newest single, “Southern Symphony,” and the first listen contained everything I was looking for.

Dickerson is known for his song “Yours,” which is commonly played at weddings. This piece illustrates a healthy, fun, and admiring relationship, whereas Dickerson’s second big hit, “Blue Tacoma,” is well known for the same feelings. While they both hold a steady non-somber tempo, it is known that a substantial majority of his songs do a superb job at continuing the same tune and do an even better job at avoiding being mournful or dawdling.  

Most of Dickerson’s releases in the past have been immense in the country world because of the excitement he brings in every track and his ability to shed light on the positive aspects of love. Additionally, his country tone, which is not forced, only makes me want to listen more. In the past, Dickerson has had tremendous success found within his albums and singles, and as displayed over time, they continue to keep thrilling many with what he has to offer.

Additionally, his country tone, which is not forced, only makes you want to listen more.”

As I was listening to his lightning, non-bitter single “Southern Symphony,” I took note of how well it had been written. Throughout the track, Dickerson did a marvelous job at vocalizing the genuineness of the his lifestyle. I could tell by songs that he has written in the past that this particular one is exactly what the country industry needed at a time like this. Throughout the song, it emphasizes that there are still wonderful people and that there is so much more to the country life than heartbreaks and apprehension. 

“It’s the sound of a magnolia breeze, ice cubes in sweet tea, bug zapper buzzin’ in the driveway, it ain’t much, but it sounds so sweet.”

These lyrics present how Dickerson lives his life, as well as how others might live theirs, too. On top of that, these verses stuck out to me because of the soft and comforting tempo that is played with them. Not only does it show the sheer delight brought from living for the small moments, but it also demonstrates how valuable those times can be.

Dickerson expresses a few examples of actions that are taken for granted every day, such as taking a walk with the ones we cherish most, and he vocalizes that taking hold of those small moments is what makes life meaningful. From start to finish, he remains with that mentality. 

“We settle down, but we don’t settle, we take time to stop, just to feel the wind blow.”

Through all of these captivating feelings, I feel that Dickerson did an excellent job of bypassing the negative side of love. He put it in a different perspective and showed that sometimes it is more important to love the small moments rather than loving someone. 

I am very picky when it comes to what songs get added to my country playlist; however, Dickerson’s new single  made the cut. Over time, he has been authentic to every piece that has been recorded and has stuck to his natural, elegant love story over the years. Dickerson has a bona fide meaning to every song, and when this is the case, I can connect to my music more which makes the experience better.