Student Q&A: Owen Kennedy

Name: Owen Kennedy

Grade: 9

1. How are you acclimating to the switch to Canvas?

“I am not acclimating well to Canvas. Since 7th grade we have used Google Classroom, and now I’m clueless when it comes to Canvas.”

2. Do you feel like switching to Canvas has improved your learning and/or the structure and organization of your classes? 

“Switching to Canvas has not improved my learning, structure, or organization. [Canvas] just came out of the blue and disrupted the use of Google Classroom; half my teachers are using [Canvas] and the other are not using it.”

3. What do you believe are the advantages of Canvas?

“The only advantage that I see is that there is a calendar built into the site so I am able to see the upcoming assignments that are due.”

4. What do you believe are the disadvantages of Canvas?

“The disadvantages I see within Canvas is the uploading system. Whenever I need to upload a picture or a recording for band, it is very complicated to just post one thing. When we were using Google Classroom, I could upload [assignments] from my phone within two clicks.”

5. Was your initial view of canvas different at the beginning than it is now after some weeks of use?

“My initial view on Canvas has not changed; it has been the same, in which I need to switch between Google Classroom to Canvas, making me more disorganized throughout the school day.”

6. Are most of your teachers’ Canvas pages organized similarly?

“Most of my teachers’ Canvas pages look the same, saying the class name and having a few links, but Mrs. Burnaby’s page is well done. [She has] assignments and links to Google Documents on her calendar so it is easy to submit [assignments] once you’re done.”

7. Do you have a teacher(s) that is thriving while using Canvas more so than Google Classroom?

“Mrs. Burnaby is thriving the most because she got rid of Google Classroom and [is trying to] focus on Canvas. I think she knows how to use Canvas the best.”

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