NBA Top 5: best scorers in the league

Timothee Larmande

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5. LeBron James

Lebron James is a monster when it comes to scoring. He really likes involving other players in the game, too, which is why he gets a lot of assists, but when he wants to score he is able to do it at will. Lebron is unstoppable offensively. Defenders really struggle keep him in front of them because he is just able to power right through them and finish at the rim. We have seen players try to grab him when he went up for lay-ups and he has still made the shot. Another bonus to LeBron James’ scoring is that he is really consistent with the amount he puts up every game. I don’t believe he should be higher on the list because he struggles with shooting from the three point line and the free throw line; however, he has gotten much better at those shots over the years.

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo 

Giannis is uncomparable to any player. He is 7 foot tall and plays the small forward position. All he has to do to score is run into the paint and everyone will move. Once he gets speed in the paint there is nothing you can do about it. Giannis averages 43 points per every 100 possessions. The only other player to hit that mark was an all time great scorer Michael Jordan. No other great scorers in their best season of their career have never done it. If the Bucks need a bucket you can count on Giannis on scoring the ball. His pick and rolls are at the top of the league. He rolls like a beast and gets in front of the defender and there is nothing to do about it.

3. Stephen Curry

When it comes to scoring behind the arc, Curry is the man to talk about. He is the greatest shooter of all time with out a doubt in my opinion. He moves around so swiftly and will get an open shot all the time. Centers will set him screens and he will splash one on the defenders head. Even with all of that, you need to guard up or else he will shoot from the logo with out hesitation. When it comes to finishing at the rim he is also very good at that. Even though he is short, defenders need to guard up on him or else he will shoot that leads to easy drives to the basket. Everything about his game is clean and crisp, and I expect to see a lot of crazy shots from him in the upcoming years.

2. James Harden

James Harden is definitely a top 2 scorer in the league and arguably number one. He has created so many new ways to score the ball. He came up with the double step back last year and is the best scorer when it comes to step backs. He can beat you off the dribble better than anyone else. His cross-overs are nasty and he will pull up in your face. Every part of his game is consistent and simply nasty. Mid range is one of his best attributes, which makes him impossible to guard. A big plus side to his game is that he is the best iso player. Most of his buckets come unassisted. His foot work is his biggest strength, which leads to many scores. He might be able to take that number one spot soon if he develops his game in Brooklyn.

1. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is the full package offensively. He is a 7 foot monster. He is literally Giannis but with a much better shot. There is no stopping him. Every game he comes in with a killer mentality. Durant has lead the league in scoring a couple times, and looks like he can be up there this year too. He really showed who he is after coming back from his injury on a brand new team and still putting up the same numbers. Even on his old team with the number 3 scorer, Curry and another great shooter Klay, Kevin Durant still was the leader of the team and helped them win some championship. I would expect to see him win many more scoring titles in the upcoming years.