The little things


Madison Szczepanski, Staff Writer

It’s the little things in life that tend to make all the difference. I tend to appreciate the little things that are brought into my life more than the big events. The larger moments are exciting for a while, but it is the smaller, more personal moments that cause the heart-warming feelings to last.

I was excited in August when I successfully purchased tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago. It’s hard to explain the joy I felt on that day. But now, months later, I do not experience that rush of happiness every time I think of having tickets. The burst of excitement will come back again in February when I actually go to see the show, but for now, I can’t force the feeling to return.

Having an event like that in my life doesn’t compare to the constant heart-warming feeling I get when I think about something smaller, such as the details of Christmas. It could be the middle of July and I will think about decorating the tree, listening to the cheerful music, baking Christmas cookies, and decorating my my house with beautiful, twinkling lights; I then feel warm inside. It brings me immediate joy that cannot be replaced by anything else.

I also love the things even smaller than that. I love doing puzzles and playing games with my friends. I feel happy when I walk into my house after a long day at school and smell a warm dinner being prepared by my mom. I can’t even explain the feeling of relief and content when I properly organize my bedroom so that everything is as it should be. I love reminiscing about the memories I have made with my cousins over the years.

The idea that everything you do in life should be a large event is bogus to me; I do not believe that.”

I believe that there should be moments that are special for random reasons. Maybe I had a good day because I finally spoke to my cousin who lives in another state after not seeing her since July. I could be happy because I was craving a specific dinner, and when I get home, my mother has surprised me by making it. The smile you see on my face could have been caused by a letter I received in the mall from my best friend who lives in France.

The point is, none of these events are stories that I would find interesting enough to share with people, but they make me smile and cause my day to improve, so they are special events to me. Honestly, I’m sure someone would be quite disappointed if I walked up to them talking about the amazing night I had, and all they learn is that I cleaned my room, took a hot bath, made tea, and finished the book I had been reading. But the event was special to me because it made me happy in my own way.

My little things are important to me because they are mine. They are unique to only me. No one else will feel the same joy that I do when one of my little things happen, they just won’t. It’s the little things in life that create most of my happiness.